What is 'Shinhan Ji-Kim-Yi(Keeper)’?

It is the name of Shinhan Financial Group’s Whistleblowing policy. The policy aims to prevent financial accidents in advance and minimize financial losses by providing a framework for employees to voluntarily report violations of bylaws and code of ethics.
If a disclosure has contributed to the company's management improvement, loss prevention, and accident prevention, a whistleblower will be provided with rewards or preferential treatment in performance evaluation.

※ You can disclosure any wrongdoings of Shinhan Financial group employees by submitting your report. For general inquiries or complaints, please contact the customer service center of Shinhan subsidiaries.

Shinhan Ji-Kim-Yi (Whistleblowing Policy)

1. The Person in charge
   The compliance officer

2. Behavior to be reported    

3. Informant    

4. Protection of Whistleblowers and Confidentiality    

5. Whistleblowing Hotlines