CEO Message

Dear Valued Customer,

In 1982, Shinhan’s history began from a desire for new Korean finance. With customer always being our anchor, we sailed smoothly along with the society, bringing about a change in the industry. In 2001, as a major step forward, we established Korea’s first private financial holding company, accelerating development of the financial industry. We have now grown into a merchant bank with 200 global channels and 15 subsidiaries thanks to continued hard work and innovation of our employees. The interest and support from our customers and the society have allowed Shinhan’s steady growth. I am deeply grateful for everyone who has been with us throughout our journey. Now is the time for Shinhan to think about the purpose of existence and work toward achieving sustainable growth with all stakeholders. ‘Customer pride’ is Shinhan’s raison d'être. Serving as a trustworthy and irreplaceable partner and leading customer-centric financial innovation, we will do our utmost to make ‘Shinhan’ the pride of our customers. The bar will always be high, and we will assess ourselves rigorously. Only that way can we keep our promise to our customers. From its founding to growth, there has always been strong desire for new finance in Shinhan’s history. Our 15 subsidiaries and 30,000 executives and employees will be working together toward shared goals of ‘first-class Shinhan’ and ‘Shinhan for 100 years’ which will ultimately boost our customer pride. I wish everyone walking with us a life full of happiness and joy. Thank you.

Okdong Jin
CEO of Shinhan Financial Group